The Military Affairs Committee is a self-governing committee of the South Dade Chamber of Commerce and is operated exclusively for the fulfillment of its mission. It has its own budget, raises its own funding and all decisions are directed by the MAC membership.


The Military Affairs Committee had its beginning in September of 1967. The history of the Rotary Club of Homestead shows that a similar, informal community committee functioned in 1955 with the purpose of “smoothing relations between the newly activated Homestead Air Force Base and Homestead and other Redland District communities.” It was called the Civilian-Military Liaison Committee.

Our Mission

To Assist the military units within the South Dade Chamber of Commerce’s service area to achieve their missions and goals and to promote understanding and cooperation between the civilian and military communities and enhance the quality of life for military personnel and their families in our community.

Joint Operations

  • 482nd Fighter Wing’s F-16
  • Florida Air National Guard
  • Special Operations Command South
  • USCG Maritime Safety & Security Team
  • US Customs & Border Patrol
  • Florida Army Guard’s 50th Regional Support Group

About Us

The Civilian Military Liaison Committee, functioned as the community liaison with the Air Base. The committee was established to solve problems before they occur and to “foster good understanding” between civilians of the community and personnel at the Homestead Air Force Base.
The MAC leadership is a Board of Directors. The Board consists of an Executive Committee, Committee heads and four members at large. The Executive Committee Is made up of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Immediate Past Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Sgt. at Arms.
The MAC has several committees to handle the planning and execution of the many MAC functions.

  • Meet and Greet Committee

  • Casino Night Committee

  • Community Relations Committee

  • Golf Tournament Committee

  • Awards Committee

  • Military Relations Committee

  • Membership Committee

The Base

This support was focused on Homestead Air Force Base through 1992, and now Homestead Air Reserve Base (482d Fighter Wing) and its joint missions.  These diverse missions now include not only the 482nd Fighter Wing’s F-16 mission, but the Florida Air National Guard’s sovereign air defense mission, Special Operations Command South, USCG Maritime Safety & Security Team Miami 91114, US Customs & Border Patrol, Florida Army Guard’s 50th Area Support Group, and various temporary missions assigned to the base.